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Steel Beams & Lintels

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Steel Beams & Lintels

Steel beams and lintels are structural elements that are extensively utilised in the construction industry to support and load-bearing buildings and structures. Whatever beam, lintel or supporting brackets you need, we will be able to supply it.

Steel beams are horizontal structural components that resemble the letter "I." They are also known as steel girders or I-beams. Steel is commonly used because of its strength, durability, and resilience. Steel beams transmit and distribute the structure's load, delivering it to the foundation or other supporting elements. They are often used in the construction of buildings and other massive structures that must withstand huge loads.

Lintels, on the other hand, are horizontal structural elements that support the load above a window or door opening. Lintels are frequently built of steel because of its strength and load-bearing capabilities. They are needed to transfer the gravity of loads from the structure above to the vertical supports on each side of the aperture, ensuring that the weight is distributed uniformly and the structure's integrity is preserved. We can provide lintels for both residential and commercial structures.

At Steal Beams Derby we offer full installation services including:

  • Site welding

  • Structural calculations

  • Engineering CAD drawings

  • Cutting

  • Drilling

  • Painting

Our small truck can deliver to narrow lanes and tight streets. Contact our friendly team today on:

07947 545698 for free advice!


   152 x 89 (6" x 3 1/2") 

178 x 102 (7" x 4") 

 203 x 102 (8" x 4")  


152 x 152 (6" x 6") 

 203 x 203 (8" x 8")

   254 x 254 (10" x 10")

 254 x 102 (10" x 4")

 254 x 146 (10" x 6")

 305x305 (12" x 12")

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